Surabu Bench

Surabu Bench The walnut slab provides an elegant and organic line supported by structural steel legs. Specifications material: solid walnut slab, clear steel legs finish: clear dimensions: 82″ W x 19″ D x 18″ H (customizable)

Furotingu Table

floating coffee table

Furotingu Table Specifications materials: spalted maple, blackened steel finish: clear dimensions: 30-35″ W x 41 ½” D X 16″ H (customizable)

Konkurito Table

Konkurito Table The Konkurito table is a beautiful blend of concrete and steel with a print of wood grain on the tabletop. It gives a warmer temperament to the piece. Specifications materials: black fiber-reinforced concrete, blackened steel finish: clear dimensions: single 48″ L x 22 ¼” W x 15 ½” H (customizable)           […]

Kiji Coffee Table

Kiji Coffee Table Composed of a solid slab of Elm, nuanced with natural markings, and sitting atop ebonized Walnut crossed legs, this Kiji Coffee Table expresses a natural simplicity and charm of its own. The Kiji Coffee Table showcases modern and clean line work while highlighting and appreciating organic form. Specifications materials: elm, walnut finish: […]