Low Endgrain Table

Low Endgrain Table The surface of the Low Endgrain Table is a stunning topography of hand-brushed, salvaged hardwood. The graphical pattern and organic textures are contrasted with minimal black steel legs. Specifications materials: reclaimed hardwood, black steel finishes: natural, dark brown, ebonized dimensions: 56“ L x 28“ W x 15“ H (customizable) Download Spec Sheet

Lotus Leaf Coffee Table

Lotus Leaf Coffee Table The Lotus Leaf Coffee Table is a new piece from our Strata line. Simple and stylish, it’s at once elegant and commanding. Specifications material: reclaimed hardwood, high strength GFRC cement finish: wax, lacquer dimensions: 49 1/2“ L x 32“ W x 14“ H (customizable) Download Spec Sheet

Hebi Table

Hebi Table A combination of sleek and strong, our Hebi Table portrays the smooth xylophone rhythm of an inverted snakeskin texture with the solidity of our newly engineered, ultra-high-strength cement and hardwood materials. Specifications materials: reclaimed hardwood, high-strength GFRC cement finishes: wax, lacquer dimensions: 60“ L x 32“ W x 16“ H (customizable) Download Spec […]

Forest Table

Forest Table Both simple and modern, a black steel cross base supports the solid reclaimed hardwood table. This versatile piece is hand finished and waxed to preserve and emphasize the material’s natural imperfections and markings. specifications material: reclaimed hardwood, black steel finish: natural, dark brown, ebonized, cerused dimensions: sizes vary (customizable) Download Spec Sheet